Here you are.

The 7th month in this series of a chapter I am ready to embrace but I find myself struggling with repeated lessons, trying to unlearn behavior, embracing the uncertainty and claiming abundance.


Allow me to see my blessings on my darkest days,

Continue to mold me into the evolving woman watering marigolds even in gloom.

My light is radiating and shining, continuously.

July thank you for reminding me to pay attention to my potential and worth.


June, I Welcome You


You are approaching with ease. 

Allow me to live without unrealistic expectations.

My peace comes from knowing that I am abundantly flowing through my healing. The path isn’t always easy but it’s embracing.


My JOY comes from the love, happiness and care I have surrounding me. Steady love has transitioned and shown up in various forms.

I’m going to continuously make room for all things meant for me while making wise transitions clearing my path of things that mean me no good.

My love is too pure, abundant and free-flowing not to be shown in the most subtle ways possible.


Be the change I hope to see within my increased FAITH and personal mindfulness.

This will be the halfway point into the year - a year in which I anticipate being full of blessings, change, growth and overall LOVE.

I have a changed mind toward the negative attacks against me - I'm continuously praying for those I'm struggling to forgive.

The woman that I'm becoming gives me chills. I'm obligated to move differently, and I have more work to do. 

June, I welcome you. 


May You Heal : May You Grow In Love



I welcome you with open arms. I will allow your spring breezes to creep through my window, tussle with my curtains and play tricks on my half awaken eyes.

The key in which my deepest dreams lay, May it's in your grasp. I'm claiming that you will be the resource of which I've been seeking. You are indeed the start of a new beginning, a new way of thinking, approaching and overall being. 

Why you ask? Because I am a firm believer in significance. 

May, you are significant. Your touch is like no other, your breath is calm with a smooth whisper. 

Continue to show me what is meant for me in the most subtle ways, erasing the feeling of imposter syndrome. I am DESERVING of the things entering my life.

I desire to grow stronger in love, forgiveness and GRACE.

This will be a month of shedding, a month for continued blessings and the unexpected.

May will be the month in which I face my fears with courage, I lead with love and I continue to say “no” to self-doubt.

I will continue to show up for myself, illuminate love, light and energy. Recognizing true love and showering myself with affirmations.

My mental health had me crippled for awhile but continuing to pull myself out of the dark has been one of my greatest strengths.

This time around, it feels different, I believe you have something in store for the riveting mind that never stops wandering. I have hopes that you have something for the strength and courage of a woman that never stops fighting

I promise not to leave you the same way I found you.


I welcome you.


Gentle Reminder: You Alone Are Enough

You are not on anyone else’s timeline.

Everything that you are working toward is a goal intended for YOU.

Understand that sometimes your motivation may be to make other individuals proud and be a leading example, but you can be unique and patient with yourself.

There will be days where you may fall short, there may be days that you overachieve but always remember that you tried. Trying is just as important.

Sometimes the light may be a bit dimmer than others but that doesn’t mean that the brightness that is illuminating doesn’t have purpose.

It is important to remember that you are much more than a job title, classification and whatever else may make up your daily routine, you are working toward your next mark. Everyone has their own journey.

Allow yourself GRACE.

Self-doubt and anxiety may creep upon you in subtle ways but don’t allow that to define how you continue to move toward what you are seeking.

Stop trying to meet other people’s expectations. What makes you happy? What brings you peace?

Even if you don’t have those answers right away remember that you must be center with self to continue to pour into you.

This is a gentle reminder:

You Alone Are ENOUGH.

Letting Go: Be Patient With Yourself


Draft: February 11th, 2019

Letting go, is a form of self-care.

Letting go of the need to control every aspect of my life has been a common theme that I’m ready to speak on transparently. I owe it to myself to free the space in my mind for more positive thinking.

Continuously placing myself on my own intended timeline in life has created great anxiety, it has erased the JOY I feel in the current moment and often times it makes me feel unworthy.

In fact, I deem myself to be successful, smart, grateful and a woman who is led by God. On some days, it’s hard for me to see the beauty I’ve fought to gain in life because I’m wasting time trying to control every aspect of it.


Having a heart of gratitude goes along with the optimism I carry on a daily basis but I’ve reflected on the idea that I need to do more. It’s easy for us to list the things we are grateful for and I personally have a gratitude journal that I spend time with but what if I began to do more? I began practicing gratitude by verbally expressing to others that I am grateful for the space they hold in my life. I’m grateful for overall forgiveness, forgiveness of myself and the forgiving heart that God is continuously working through with me. I’ve allowed more space and I’ve shown others ways in which I have become more forgiving. I’ve interrupted my daily anxiety with gratitude.

Fear, Fear of Letting Go

I recently had a talk with my therapist about the fear that is attached with “letting go” for me. The fear that if I let go and I don’t have a grasp of what’s going on in my life, I begin to feel like I’m caught up in my own personal tornado. I have this idea, that I need to have control of the things that I apply for, experience and the beautiful things that enter into my life.

Above, this was a blog post that has sat in my draft box since February 11th. Life got to me and I lost grasp of my creativity and I fell of my personal timeline of completing creative projects.

During the month of February, I was stretched to capacity. Stretched in uncomfortable, creative yet successful ways. I found myself in spaces that were often dark and I was in the valley. But I’ve also found myself on the mountain and in spaces where I learned quite a bit about myself, my ability to be patient was tested and my overall FAITH had been tested.

I’m blessed beyond measure. I say that out loud to myself every morning.


Within the two months that I began this blog post above, I started writing during an era of self-doubt and negative self-talk. I can now say that I’ve found light and blessings within my personal struggles. It was hard to cope during my challenging times because I didn’t find the JOY in my writing anymore.

Since then, I my writing has been featured in websites and blogs I read daily to find my personal light.

I’ve relocated to a new city, started a new job, blessed to say that I will be starting my doctoral journey later this year and I am continuously growing in LOVE.

Remember to be kind to yourself.

Note To Self: February Abundance


You’ve been on shuffle.

I entered into this year with an expecting yet grateful heart. I entered into this new beginning with understanding of the discomfort that comes along with growth.

I’m currently in my phase of transition.

It has taken me awhile to distinguish the difference between transition and stagnation but I’m in a place where I am ready to receive the abundant blessings coming my way after the transition.

Letting go of the need to control every aspect of my life has been a common theme that I’m ready to speak on transparently. I owe it to myself to free the space in my mind for more positive thinking.

With this exact thought comes the understanding of love, freedom and peace in one form.

Practicing non-attachment and the belief that most things in our life are temporary but what is for me, is solely for me.

Showing up to do the “inner healing” work has been challenging. Some days I’m gold, some days I’m blue but the days in which I recognize my growth, those are the days I see the beauty in all hues.

I’m adopting the idea that not giving out second chances as freely anymore is a form of self-care.

Int his moment, I am vibrating higher.

I’m on the wave of elevation and I’m truly ready to see the beauty in the struggle.

December: My Winning Season


I’m forever grateful for this journey throughout these twelve months.

Being stretched to capacity has not been easy.

Through many hard but eye-opening experiences I’ve embraced the fact that I AM ENOUGH. With a growing mindset I now understand that healing isn’t easy but it’s essential and forgiveness is truly for self.

I’ve been in dark places where I’ve had to wait for clarity, within that time I truly discovered the true meaning of patience is key.

A Queen, practicing gratitude and continuously thanking my support system.


I’m ready to embrace you with all that I’ve got. I’m ready to release all fears that I have gathered during times of uncertainty and unrest.

The pages within my gratitude journal will be filled with all the blessings and rewards that I’ve obtained in the midst of my healing.

This will be the month in which I will be reminded why the wait was necessary and why champions are built in the fourth quarter.

Throughout this year, I’ve been reminded gently, to make room for people who want to love me.

I’m forever grateful for being blessed with people who remind me of my greatness, love me unconditionally and accept me fully.


Let’s end well.

Blog 2.jpg

November: The Wait During The Fourth Quarter


I’m claiming that my story will be different. My circumstances will change.

Goals have a way of evolving through hard work, perseverance and changed behavior; this month my goals will come to fruition with the continued added ingredient of faith.

unnamed (13).jpg

At times, I don’t feel seen.

I’m beginning to understand that the depths of my soul, the authenticity of my creativity and the overall self-love I have for myself outweighs the vision that others set for me.

My hard work, skill, talent and what I have to offer will be seen and applied in his own timing.

Patience has served an incredible meaning. Life unfolds and champions are made in the fourth quarter.


I claim peace, prosperity and self-compassion. Practicing more kindness, stillness and respect.

There is power in speaking positivity and expectation over your life. I am deserving of all blessings coming my way. I am grasping onto an expanded way of thinking and a better way of being.

And when it’s finally my turn, I WILL understand why the wait was necessary.

If you want better, do better.


I welcome you.

October Affirmations: Putting Myself First


This is the month in which my soil is watered continuously, my roots are showing a significant sign of an uncomfortable growth and the importance of “this too shall pass”

My hands will be full of grace, gratitude and catching blessings in which I am deserving of.

The true value of time and patience will be revealed to me in the most unexpected ways possible. I will continue to live a kind life, a life in which I am willing to learn and grow.

As I walk into spaces not meant for me, I am reminded that I have a strength, intelligence and overall being to advance and excel in absolutely anything I see possible.



This is the month in which I take back everything that I have been robbed of.

I’ve been robbed of my peace, positive way of thinking and somewhere along the way this uneasy feeling of “not being worthy” enough has crept upon me but not anymore.

This will be the month in which all my hard work will be revealed, I am reaping my harvest.

I’m taking responsibility for myself and all of my actions. If i’m not passionate about a thing, there won’t be a second thought, energy or time invested.

Taking care of me and my overall well-being contributes to an inner self growth I’ve been seeking.

I’ve addressed and confronted my healing. My healing comes in waves, patterns and rhythms that I’m unable to follow at times. But nonetheless, the melodies remind me that there is beauty in music and you should ALWAYS dance to your own beat.


This will be the month of new opportunities for me. This is my winning season. I’m done settling.

My season in which I will pay attention to the subtle reminder in the change of breezes, the change in color and overall the change within.


I welcome you.

September Satisfaction


Be kind to me. 

August caused me anxiety, making me believe only for a moment that I wasn't worthy of all that was coming to me. The new profound items of JOY were not mine to keep. I see different.

September is the month for self-advocacy. Self-compassion and celebrating my end of the summer season. The season in which I worked, I worked hard to accomplish what I've been set out to do. Now it's time to flourish. 

September, we met a little past 3 on that foggy morning. I'm claiming growth, stability and rejuvenation in all aspects. 

You are the feeling of freedom, peace and vulnerability in one form

September I continue my healing - seeking out other alternatives to heal in all the places I've been broken. The season I continue to come to terms with my abundance, my awakening and my ability to feel change. Healing may mean breaking at the seams but what I anticipate is the beautiful masterpiece.

September, let my hands be so busy catching blessings that I don't have the capacity to hold grudges. 

The fall is just about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go. 

My time is now. 


I require you to be kind to me. 


Abundant August


You crept upon me in a way that allowed me to transition into an unfamiliar cycle, season and overflow. 

I've been in my season of Harvest. My season of expectancy and my season of abundance. 

August, this is the month in which I've reached my 27th year - my year of reflective growth and inspirational peak. 

I've allowed happiness & love to find me and it's been a challenge accepting what is meant for me but through patience, stillness and obedience I now understand how deserving I am.

This is the month in which I will find my creative spark, embrace it and knock down every door and pray for discernment to accept what is for me. 

We met on a bitter riverfront and uncertainty toward my next step but it through faith, perseverance and boldness that I will find my niche, purpose and passion. 

August, you've been my gem - a rare gem in which I always find solstice. 

For that, 


I thank you.